Jun. 14th, 2013

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Welcome to our summer fest at Woody's Place, everyone! As you may know, June is a pretty big month for not just the LGBTQ community because of annual Pride events, but the QAF community as well. We celebrated at the Rise ‘n Shine Convention in LA, and coming up on June 18th is the 6th annual B/J Cuddle Day! Woody's Place will be holding its own celebrations this summer, and we want you to come along for the ride!

Our theme this summer is Back to Babylon, and the mods are gathering together a number of prompts that evoke the spirit of Babylon and a return to generating excitement within our fandom.

Below you will find the rules and submission information for the fest. Please be sure to read the rules very thoroughly, as most questions that participants have can be answered here. If you still have questions after, please don't hesitate to leave a comment. The mods will get back with you promptly.

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The gay bars on Liberty Avenue are known for nothing if not their colorful array of contests and themed parties. In going back to Babylon this summer, the mods have selected a handful of memorable events from the show to draw inspiration from and, hopefully, respark your creative flames.

Much like last year's fest, each event will have five subcategories: image, quote, place, item/word/concept, and song. The prompts that follow relate heavily or loosely to their event category, and as always, your mod team has done their best to select a variety of prompts that lend themselves to countless interpretations.

Remember, when selecting a prompt for this fest, you will be selecting an event and a subcategory. When providing the mods with your prompt selection in the sign up post, you will, for example, put Dyke Night - Image. Please do not select an event only.

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Feeling inspired yet? If so, head over to the Sign-Up Post.

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Now that you've read the rules (community and back to babylon) and checked out the prompts, it's time for sign-ups.

But, just one or two reminders first:

  • Inevitably, someone doesn't read the rules before they sign-up. Some of us are seasoned mods, so we speak from experience. So we're going to stress this again. Read.The.Rules. We've linked to them above in the first line. The community rules are highly, highly important. And just so you know, every time someone reads the rules, Brian Kinney gets laid. We all want to do our part to support his sex life, right?

  • There are no restrictions on how many times a prompt can be claimed. If you don't want to create for a prompt that a lot of folks are creating for, just skim the sign-up forms below to see what's popular.

  • You may only claim one prompt at a time. After you turn in your submission and the mods have approved it, you may claim another.

All set? Then please use this form for claiming:

Please direct all questions to the mod comment below, if you have any. And if you would be so kind, please pimp the fest so that we can have a great turn out this year.

Happy creating, Folkers!
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