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The gay bars on Liberty Avenue are known for nothing if not their colorful array of contests and themed parties. In going back to Babylon this summer, the mods have selected a handful of memorable events from the show to draw inspiration from and, hopefully, respark your creative flames.

Much like last year's fest, each event will have five subcategories: image, quote, place, item/word/concept, and song. The prompts that follow relate heavily or loosely to their event category, and as always, your mod team has done their best to select a variety of prompts that lend themselves to countless interpretations.

Remember, when selecting a prompt for this fest, you will be selecting an event and a subcategory. When providing the mods with your prompt selection in the sign up post, you will, for example, put Dyke Night - Image. Please do not select an event only.

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Feeling inspired yet? If so, head over to the Sign-Up Post.

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Because there are very few symbols more iconic in the LGBTQ community than the Rainbow Flag, and especially during Pride season, the mods decided to base all of this summer's prompts on a color and meaning on the original rainbow flag. I think that everyone will agree that the inclusion of hot pink and turquoise will add to our fun!

For those who are curious, the colors and symbols from the original flag are as follows:
Hot pink - sexuality
Red - life
Orange - healing
Yellow - sunshine
Green - nature
Turquoise - magic/art
Blue - serenity/harmony
Violet - spirit

Each color has four subcategories under it: place, image, quote, item/concept. Our fourth category is sort of a catch all for anything we thought might be fun, from a word to an event! In selecting these prompts, the mods did their best to find prompts that would be concrete enough to provide a specific idea but flexible enough to go a thousand different ways with it. And for those of you scratching your heads at a few of the selections for our more abstract or hard to place categories (serenity or sunshine, for example), we ask that you just go with it! Our first priority was creating useful prompts, and sometimes we had to play with words and feelings.

Finally, when selecting your prompt for this fest, you will be selecting a color and subcategory. When asked for your prompt on the sign-up post, you'll need to put, for example, violet-quote. You may not choose only a color.

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Alright, did you find the perfect prompt? Then head over to the Sign-Up Post.

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