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The kink meme is 'officially' closed today. (Closed to prompts that is)
People are still welcome to fill the prompts, but these won't be added to the official masterlist (which is permanently linked in the sidebar) Feel free to fill directly at your own journal, but maybe come back and leave a link to it under the original prompt.

If you were waiting for the end to read and comment, well now is the time! We encourage everyone to read and comment on the kink fics that float your boat, but PLEASE heed the warnings and notes about what the kink is before you read something you might not enjoy. (fyi anon commenting is still enabled) Thanks to all the great reviews so far!

And a million thanks to the fillers and prompters! This fest would have been nothing without you!

Please take a moment to fill out the poll because, hey, polls are fun! :D

[Poll #1859868]

If there is anything that we've failed to touch on in the poll but you feel should be addressed, please comment below.
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After a little discussion, your modly duo has decided to keep the meme open for a while longer. Right now, the tentative closing date will be Sunday, August 12th. We've had some truly spectacular fills, so please do keep them coming, folkers!
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Hi Everyone!

We're a week into the kink meme mini-fest and we just wanted to update everyone on what's been going on.

So far, there are 75 Prompts and 4 of those have been filled. Fantastic start! A Delicious account masterlist has been set up to keep track of the fills. Don't forget to leave our writers some love. The fills thus far have been fantastic!

In case you missed it, here's the Official Post where the prompts and fills are located. There are also additional notes and posting tips you should check out there. Please read them carefully.

Some other things to note:

  • For those who are not familiar with kink memes, we encourage the OP (original poster) of a prompt to track it so that if potential fillers have questions, you'll get a notification about it.

  • On the flipside of that, if the OP is non-responsive to the potential filler's questions after a day or two, then the filler should go ahead and interpret the prompt as best they can or however they feel comfortable.

Keep those fills (and prompts) coming! Remember, if there's lots of activity, we'll likely extend the fest beyond the August 3rd end date.
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  1. As usual all community rules and meme rules apply to this mini-fest. Yes, you're welcome to fill prompts with fanworks other than fanfiction!

  2. This meme is anonymous, which means that you should only be prompting, filling prompts, and commenting on fills anonymously. The mods will delete any posts that are made with your regular username.

  3. Because this is a sex-centric kink meme, all fanworks should be rated R or NC-17.

  4. Please only include one prompt per comment, but feel free to leave as many prompts as you wish.

  5. Multiple fills per request are fine, but please do try to fill unfilled prompts as well.

  6. The meme will run for three weeks (until August 3rd at 11:59 PM EST). If there's still a lot of activity, the mod team will assess the situation and may extend the mini-fest for another week or so.

How to Prompt/Fill:

Prompts should look like this:
  character/pairing, prompt

Fills (made as a reply to the original prompt) should use a header including:
  FILL - title, character/pairing, rating and warnings (if applicable), [Part # / #] (if applicable)

  • (*Note that fanworks requiring more than one comment due to length should include the header in each new comment with the appropriate part number)

  • (*If you need to post your fanwork in multiple parts, please make Part Two a comment to Part One, etc)


ETA 1: Participants, please remember that this is a kink meme and that, at least for this mini-fest, all prompts should somehow focus on sex. This particular mini-fest is not the place for prompts that deal with anything else. We apologize for any confusion. The Mod Team will be going through prompts and removing those prompts that have very little to do with sex. Your fanworks don't have to be porn-without-plot, but there should be a lot of emphasis on the porn.

ETA 2: As you begin to fill prompts, the Mod Team would like to give a friendly reminder that character hate is not welcome at the community as per the community rules. This hasn't been an issue and we don't foresee it as one, but restating it does help cut down on any confusion.

ETA 3: A few clarifications have been added to the posting directions for fills. Please check them out. Direct any additional questions to the question thread, folkers!

ETA 4: Fillers, please note that you cannot have over 650 words in your comment. Anything beyond that will result in posting errors. If you need to split up your fics, please check out the rules for multi-comment posting in the filling rules above.

ETA 5: Fillers, if an OP doesn't answer your question after a day or two, please feel free to fill the prompt however you see fit. We've had a couple instances where our OPs aren't responding, and we don't want that to discourage those of you who would like to create something. OPs, please be sure to track your prompts so that you can respond to any fillers in a timely manner.

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Join us at Woody's Place this Friday, July 13th, in kicking off the community's first mini-fest -- The QAF Kink Meme. No one likes to get down and dirty like our boys and girls on Liberty, so get ready to join us in indulging in all manners of guilty (and not so guilty) pleasures.

For those unfamiliar with the kink meme, read up on it here. And for you seasoned veterans, start getting those prompts ready! Remember, all community rules apply.

Nothing makes a kink meme more successful than a lot of participation, so please take a moment to pimp the kink meme on your own journal or community. Just copy and paste the text from the box below into your journal. As always, we'll take care of the rest!

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