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Here are some quick guidelines for those participating in any meme or ficathon at the community. Please read through the points below carefully. There's only a few, and they'll save everyone a little time and heartache.

1. Haters, to the Left

While it probably shouldn't need to be said, keep your unwelcome and unsolicited opinions to yourself. The moderation team has a zero tolerance policy for flames, character hate, and general dickishness, so trust us when we say that those kinds of comments will be deleted without warning and banning shall begin at a moment's notice. On any anonymous ficathons/memes, IP logging with be turned back on and the mini-fest will be over if the problem continues.

On a similar note, if someone fills your request, please leave them a review. Frankly, we don't care if it made you want to gouge your eyes out with a spoon. Just say thanks and carry on living your life. And if you loved it, by all means sing your filler's praises.

And finally, refrain from hijacking an OP's prompt. If there are certain elements of the prompt you would like to add or like to leave out, please ask the OP first. If they're not okay with the changes, go ahead and write up your own prompt. We'll never know if you've filled it yourself. All fills that are the result of prompt hijacking will be deleted by the mods.

2. Like Brian Kinney, Never Promise Anything

Nothing is more annoying to both the OP and the rest of the participants than when someone claims a prompt and then never fills it. To begin with, it definitely discourages others who may want to fill the prompt from filling it, even if multiple fills are allowed. And in regards to the OP, they're waiting with baited breath for something that's never going to come.

So here's the ruleā€”don't stake your claim prematurely. Hell, there's no reason to stake a claim at all really. But if you desperately feel the need, at least wait until you're actually creating the prompt fill in order to let the OP know it's coming.

3. WIPs Not Welcome

Works-in-progress can be the bane of every fan's existence, and we've all been burned a time or two by some well intentioned author. You know, the road to hell and blah, blah, blah. The point is that your ficathon/meme fills should only be posted when they are complete. Not halfway through. Not three-quarters of the way through. 100% complete. Considering that ficathons/memes are not meant to produce bigbang-sized works, this shouldn't be an issue. But in case it was ever a though in anyone's mind, forget it now.

4. Warnings

In some instances, your fills may contain situations that are trigger-y in nature. Warning for these situations is not something that is optional. Do it, or the mod team will delete your fanwork. No apologies, no regrets.

Obviously, if Woody's Place is hosting a kink meme, you don't need to warn for things such as sexual situations. Similarly, the kink is often written in the OP's request, so warning for BDSM, for example, when the OP asked for a fanwork focusing on BDSM is a little ridiculous. Use your good judgment on this sort of thing, and when all else fails, warn.
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