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For those of you participating in our Back to Babylon summer fest, please remember that your submissions are due this Tuesday, August 6th at 11:59 EST. If you need to contact the mods for any reason, feel free to email us, PM us, or head over to the Page-A-Mod post and leave us a message there. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Cheers and happy creating,

Your Mod Team
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Hello, Folkers!

This is just a friendly reminder that your submissions for Back to Babylon are due in just under THREE weeks. We hope that your muses have been cooperative, but if for any reason you need to contact the mods, please don't hesitate. The Page-A-Mod post is a great way to get in touch with us quickly, but you can also PM the mod account or our personal accounts ([livejournal.com profile] museme87 & [livejournal.com profile] mander3_swish) at any time.

Cheers and Good Luck!
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Are you ready to re-spark your creativity and let your flame burn bright?
A QAF summer fest hosted at [livejournal.com profile] woodys_place
All types of fanworks welcome!
Prompt claiming and sign-ups open until Sunday, June 23rd EXTENDED to Wednesday, June 26th at 11:59 PM EST


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A reminder that prompt claiming is open until tomorrow, June 23rd at 11:59 pm Eastern.
I hope you'll all consider signing up as you have all summer to write. Submissions are due on August 6th.

Want to pimp the fest on your own journal or community? Just copy and paste the text from the box below into your journal.

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Hello Everyone!

I hope you're all busy working on your fills for the free-for-all meme as the deadline is tonight, just about 11hrs from now. Either that or battening down the hatches if you're on the east coast!

Those affected by the hurricane and who still want to post their fill, but are unable to before the deadline are welcome to post when you are able to do so.

There's tons of awesome prompts just begging to be filled... With all shapes and sizes (that's what he said). Have a look and leave someone a little halloween treat.
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Hi All!

Just wanted to post to let you all know that we want YOU! Yes you to come on over to the Official Post and leave a prompt or 2 or 3. It could be as simple as a character and a word, just something to get a writer's or graphic maker's juices flowing.

Thank you so much to those who have already left some prompts! Now we just need some more fillers.

Good luck and may the muses be ever in your favor.


PS. keep spreading the word!
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As stated in the fest timeline, posting kicks off for Pride in the Pitts on Friday, June 1st, to coincide with the start of Pittsburgh Pride 2012. There are a lot of exciting fanworks that I'm sure everyone will enjoy!

Since we have exactly ten fanworks for the fest, posting will run from June 1st-June 9th. One day we'll likely double up on our graphics submissions. I'll be out of town on the 10th (in Pittsburgh for Pride, no less), so that's the reason for the double posting on one day. You can expect a masterlist of all fanworks to be posted sometime on Monday, June 11th, as well as a feedback post on how the fest can be improved upon.

A reminder to those participating: you may repost your fanwork as soon as it goes up on the community but not before, please.

Any questions? Feel free to ask below. If not, see you on Friday!
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It's Saturday, Folkers, which means that we're officially past the submission deadline! At this point in time, I've responded to every email/PM I've received, including extension requests and submissions. If you've not heard from me, something has gone awry somewhere, and I ask that you contact me as soon as possible. There's a couple participants I haven't heard from, and emails to those folks have been sent out.

Please note that I do confirm that I've received your submission via a reply to your submission email. Usually I try to do that within 24 hours, but when the mod email gets flooded, it can take sometimes up to 48 hours. If you do not hear from me within 48 hours of submitting your fest fanwork, please don't hesitate to contact me at the mod email, mod LJ account, or my personal account ([livejournal.com profile] museme87). I've had a couple rough experiences in the past with gmail not cooperating, so I try to cover my bases at this point in the fest.

That's about it! The fanworks I've received so far are awesome, so I think you're all in for a treat. Once I get all the submissions in, I'll post a posting schedule.
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Just one final reminder, everyone, that your submissions are due in a little over 24 hours unless we've spoken about an extension.

If you feel you're going to need an extension, please PM/email me as soon as possible. For those of you who are considering dropping out, please remember that dropping out without an email to the community account (woodysmod@gmail.com) will prevent you from participating in future fests.

Finally, for those of you who have already sent in your submissions, I will confirm that I've received them soon.

If I fail to receive your submission by Saturday morning EST and we haven't spoken about an extension, you'll be receiving an email from the mod account. Sometimes emails fail to send, so if you've already mailed me your submission and you receive this email, it means that for whatever reason it didn't make it to my inbox. I just ask that you resend it if that's the case. No harm done.

Anything else? Just ask in a comment below.
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Hello, Folkers!

This is just a friendly reminder that your submissions for Pride in the Pitts are due in two weeks on Friday, May 18th at 11:59 PM EST. I hope that your muses have be cooperative, but if for any reason you need to contact me, please don't hesitate. The Page-A-Mod post is a great way to get in touch with me quickly, but you can also PM the mod account or my personal account ([livejournal.com profile] museme87) at any time.

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As of late last night, sign-ups are officially closed for the fest. If by any chance you missed the sign-ups accidentally (holiday weekends tend to be hectic), please private message the mods within the next 24 hours, and we can still get you into the fest. Consider it a last call, if you will.
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There's roughly twenty-four hours left until Sign-Ups close for Pride in the Pitts. We have a wonderful group of participants so far, but we'd love to have more of you!


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