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The kink meme is 'officially' closed today. (Closed to prompts that is)
People are still welcome to fill the prompts, but these won't be added to the official masterlist (which is permanently linked in the sidebar) Feel free to fill directly at your own journal, but maybe come back and leave a link to it under the original prompt.

If you were waiting for the end to read and comment, well now is the time! We encourage everyone to read and comment on the kink fics that float your boat, but PLEASE heed the warnings and notes about what the kink is before you read something you might not enjoy. (fyi anon commenting is still enabled) Thanks to all the great reviews so far!

And a million thanks to the fillers and prompters! This fest would have been nothing without you!

Please take a moment to fill out the poll because, hey, polls are fun! :D

[Poll #1859868]

If there is anything that we've failed to touch on in the poll but you feel should be addressed, please comment below.
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