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Welcome to our summer fest at Woody's Place, everyone! As you may know, June is a pretty big month for not just the LGBTQ community because of annual Pride events, but the QAF community as well. We celebrated at the Rise ‘n Shine Convention in LA, and coming up on June 18th is the 6th annual B/J Cuddle Day! Woody's Place will be holding its own celebrations this summer, and we want you to come along for the ride!

Our theme this summer is Back to Babylon, and the mods are gathering together a number of prompts that evoke the spirit of Babylon and a return to generating excitement within our fandom.

Below you will find the rules and submission information for the fest. Please be sure to read the rules very thoroughly, as most questions that participants have can be answered here. If you still have questions after, please don't hesitate to leave a comment. The mods will get back with you promptly.


June 5th: Fest Announcement
June 14th: Sign-ups begin
June 23rd: Sign-ups end -- EXTENDED to June 26th
July: Periodic Check-ins/Reminders
August 6th: Submissions are due
August 9th: Posting begins

[Sign-ups & Prompt Claiming]

Our sign-up period for the fest will run from Friday, June 14th until Sunday, June 23rd EXTENDED to Wednesday, June 26th at 11:59 PM EST . During that period, anyone (seasoned veterans of fests or newcomers) is welcome to sign-up for a prompt over at the Sign-Up Post. Please be sure read all the information posted here and in the community rules before doing so because you are obligated to follow them once you sign-up.

After the June 23rd deadline, we will not be accepting new participants to the fest, but we welcome everyone to participate as a reviewer!

[Submission Rules]

If you're going to skim over any section of these rules, do not make it this one. Below you will find requirements for your submission according to what type of fanwork you'll be submitting. Please read your section carefully! Some are more detailed than others due to the unique nature of each fanwork.

Information all participants need to know, regardless of fanwork type:

  1. We welcome fanworks featuring any character, pairing, genre, or rating. We do not, however, feature RPS fanworks at this time.

  2. The mods cannot stress enough that we will enforce our no-character-hate policy to the fullest extent. Check out the community rules for more details on that.

  3. This fest is not anonymous, which means that your username will be posted when your fanwork is posted. You can freely discuss your fic anywhere you'd like, but the mods ask that you please do not post your fanwork before we do so on the community! After it's been posted here, you are welcome to repost it anywhere you choose.

  4. All submissions must be stand alone pieces created specifically for this fest. You may not submit a part of a work-in-progress as your submission, nor can you include fic/art/graphics that you've already posted elsewhere.

  5. While we welcome all pairings, please use the G – NC-17 scale to rate your fanwork. This makes it much easier on the mods.


  1. Fics should be a minimum of 1,000 words. While there isn't a maximum wordcount for the fest, the mods ask that you keep your plot bunnies in control. 100,000 word fics will probably make us cry because we scan each fic for glaring spelling/punctuation errors. If you exceed 8,000-9,000 words, the mods will have to break your fic into parts due to LJ character restrictions, and we will need to know where you want those breaks to occur.

  2. Please make sure that you spell all character names and places according to their canon spellings. The mods will try to dig up a quick and dirty guide to QAF spellings as soon as we can.

  3. All fic must be beta read! No exceptions!

  4. The mods reserve the right to ask you to correct any spelling, punctuation, or grammar issues before your fic is posted.

  5. If you are using Word to prepare your manuscript, please make sure to turn off smart quotes! Tools >> AutoCorrect >> AutoFormat As You Type >> Uncheck "straight quotes with smart quotes"


  1. All art should be fully developed. No sketches, please!

  2. There is no limit to the number of fanart pieces you may produce as long as they are a series based on the same prompt

Graphic Makers (Icons, wallpapers, graphics):

  1. If you're creating icons, you must create a minimum of five based on the same prompt.

  2. If you're creating wallpapers, there is a minimum of one but providing multiple sizes would be wonderful, if possible.

  3. If you're creating graphics, you must create a minimum of two based on the same prompt.


  1. When creating a fanmix, the mods ask that you include at least six tracks. There is no restriction on how many tracks you may include beyond that.

  2. Because of email issues, the mods ask that fanmixers upload their fanmix to their own host and email us a link. We'll download it from there and upload it to a community host site, so if there are any issues with downloading the mods are responsible for trying to fix it.


  1. When creating a fanvid, the mods ask that it be at least 2 minutes long.

  2. Because of email issues, the mods ask that vidders upload their fanvid to their own host and email us a link and the embed code.

Submitting Your Work

All submissions should sent to woodysmod@gmail.com by Tuesday, August 6th no later than 11:59 PM EST. The mods reserve the right to refuse any submission beyond that point.

In the subject line of your email, please include your screen name, prompt, and title. This makes it so much easier for us to find and organize your work.

When submitting a fic:

  • Please be sure that it's been saved as an ".rtf", ".doc", or ".docx" format. Also, please include all html coding (bold, italic, underline) in your finished fic. If you're not familiar with html or don't know what the code is for a specific one, check it out here.

  • Please include the following header in both your email and document:

When submitting a fanart/graphic:

  • Please include your art/graphic as an attachment in the email.

  • Please include the following header in your email (note that one header per art/graphic series is fine; there's no need to include a header for each piece):

When submitting a fanmix:

  • Please include a link to your fanmix in the email.

  • Please include any information (artists, titles, featured lyrics) that you'd like to be included with your download link in the body of the email or in a text document.

  • Please include the following header in your email:

When submitting a fanvid:

  • Please include a link to your fanmix in the email.

  • Please include any information (artists, titles, featured lyrics) that you'd like to be included with your download link in the body of the email or in a text document.

  • Please include the following header in your email:

[Dropping Out]

We understand that sometimes real life gets in the way of fandom activities. If for some reason you need to drop out, you must let us know. If you choose not to let us know, we'll be forced to put you on a warning list that may harm your chances of participating in future fests at Woody's Place. If you do drop out formally, there are no penalties and you may continue to participate in future fests unless this becomes a reoccurring issue.

Please keep in mind that we're flexible. If you need a small extension, please contact us about it. We may be able to work with you. And the sooner you contact us, the better!

[Contact Us]

If you have any questions or concerns at any point in the fest process, please do not hesitate to contact us. The quickest way to reach any mod is by using the Page-A-Mod post. While we welcome you to use our email (woodysmod@gmail.com), our responses might be slower.

At the moment, we have 2 moderators on staff ([livejournal.com profile] museme87 & [livejournal.com profile] mander3_swish). You may also feel free to pester us with any questions you may have via PM, if you don't want to use the paging post.

Date: 2013-06-14 07:22 pm (UTC)
ext_51544: ([qaf] cast - Scott's bday)
From: [identity profile] xheartrockx.livejournal.com
Quick question... when picking the Event - Category... our fics don't have to take place AT the event, do they?
And AU is allowed, yes?

Date: 2013-06-14 08:07 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] museme87.livejournal.com
No, your fics can take place anywhere. The event/venue is just for thematic purposes only. And yes, AU is definitely welcome. Just be sure to adhere to all the rules (as I'm sure you will :) ).

Date: 2013-06-14 08:21 pm (UTC)
ext_51544: ([qaf] cast - Scott's bday)
From: [identity profile] xheartrockx.livejournal.com
I think I can do that ;)

*saunters off to sign up*


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