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The gay bars on Liberty Avenue are known for nothing if not their colorful array of contests and themed parties. In going back to Babylon this summer, the mods have selected a handful of memorable events from the show to draw inspiration from and, hopefully, respark your creative flames.

Much like last year's fest, each event will have five subcategories: image, quote, place, item/word/concept, and song. The prompts that follow relate heavily or loosely to their event category, and as always, your mod team has done their best to select a variety of prompts that lend themselves to countless interpretations.

Remember, when selecting a prompt for this fest, you will be selecting an event and a subcategory. When providing the mods with your prompt selection in the sign up post, you will, for example, put Dyke Night - Image. Please do not select an event only.

. Image Quote Place Word/Item/Concept Song
King of Babylon

"In a perfect world, you could fuck people without giving them a piece of your heart. And every glittering kiss and every touch of flesh is another shard of heart you’ll never see again."

-Neil Gaiman
The Bahamas Sparkling Lights We Are Golden
Leather Ball

"He who wishes to be obeyed must know how to command."

– Niccolò Machiavelli
Jail / Prison Safe Word Chokehold by Adam Lambert
Studs & Suds

"Holy shit," somebody muttered in the dark.

"A virgin," sputtered another.

"I didn't know they still made them."

– Larry Kramer
St. James Academy Rubber Duckie Don't Get Married Without Me
by Punch Brothers
Dyke Night
"Happy. And then I got afraid that it would vanish as quickly as it came. That it was accidental-- that I didn't deserve it. It's like this very, very nice car crash that never ends."

– Douglas Coupland
The Gay and Lesbian Center Pussy Riot
by Tegan and Sara
Liberty Ride Fundraiser

"I have this disease late at night sometimes, involving alcohol and the telephone."

– Kurt Vonnegut
Toronto, Canada Cirque du SoGAY Moves Like Jagger
by Maroon 5 (ft. Christina Aguilera)
Superhero Nights

"When you make music or write or create, it's really your job to have mind-blowing, irresponsible, condomless sex with whatever idea it is you're writing about at the time."

– Lady Gaga
Florence, Italy Kryptonite Radioactive
by Imagine Dragons
Stop Prop 14 Benefit

"It isn't easy, it doesn't count if it's easy, it's the hardest thing. Forgiveness. Which is maybe where love and justice finally meet."

–Tony Kushner
The Liberty Diner Protest Titanium
by David Guetta (ft. Sia)

Feeling inspired yet? If so, head over to the Sign-Up Post.

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